EPP COOLER H-22L Suppliers

Place of origin:
China Payment method: T/T, L/C Color/Logo/Label: Accept Customized
Type of enterprise: Manufacturer & Trader Lead time: 30-60 Days    
Certification: ISO9001, CE
ODM/OEM: Yes    

Product Information

Size 470*330*300 (inside)
395*280*210 (outside)
Net weight 0.69KG
Volume 22L

Product insulation performance

Heat preservation: +90-+70C insulation 5-7 hours (fast food insulation, banquet meal, takeaway delivery)

preservation: 0-+10C insulation 12-24 hours (fruit, vegetables, drinks, etc.)

Refrigeration: -5--10C insulation 8-10 hours (meat, fish, etc.)

Frozen: -12-18 C for 4-6 hours (ice cream, imported food, frozen products, seafood, etc.)



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