Dish washing basket series Suppliers

Dish washing basket series

Dish washing basket series

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Place of origin:
China Payment method: T/T, L/C Color/Logo/Label: Accept Customized
Type of enterprise: Manufacturer & Trader Lead time: 30-60 Days    
Certification: ISO9001, CE
ODM/OEM: Yes    

Product Information

lteme No. Specification Size Surface
WG-RPB1016 16QT 290×240 Sanding inside and outside
WG-RPB1020 20QT 310×260 Sanding inside and outside
WG-RPB1024 24QT 335×265 Sanding inside and outside
WG-RPB1048 48QT 410×345 Sanding inside and outside
WG-RPB1060 60QT 450×390 Sanding inside and outside
WG-RPB1080 80QT 470×435 Sanding inside and outside
WG-RPB1100 100QT 530×475 Sanding inside and outside
Sandy Inside/Outside 6PCS/CTN


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