Double bottom aluminum pot high pot series Suppliers

Double bottom aluminum pot high pot series

Double bottom aluminum pot high pot series

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China Payment method: T/T, L/C Color/Logo/Label: Accept Customized
Type of enterprise: Manufacturer & Trader Lead time: 30-60 Days    
Certification: ISO9001, CE
ODM/OEM: Yes    

Product Information

lteme No. Specification Thichness Surface Packing
WG-RP4013F 210×210 3.0mm Sanding inside and outside 1 / box
WG-RP4001F 240×240 3.0mm Sanding inside and outside 1 / box
WG-RP4002F 270×270 3.0mm Sanding inside and outside 1 / box
WG-RP4003F 300×300 3.2mm Sanding inside and outside 1 / box
WG-RP4004F 330×330 3.2mm Sanding inside and outside 1 / box
WG-RP4005F 360×360 3.4mm Sanding inside and outside 1 / box
WG-RP4006F 390×390 3.6mm Sanding inside and outside 1 / box
WG-RP4007F 420×420 3.6mm Sanding inside and outside 1 / box


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