What is the method of polishing garden tools?


Garden tools will change after a long period of use, wh […]

Garden tools will change after a long period of use, which will affect our normal use. For garden tool manufacturers, the method of grinding garden tools is very important.
1. Automatic grinding method: choose a professional sharpening machine, apply more than 10 uniformly symmetrical points on the back of the sandpaper attached to the machine, and paste it flatly on the grinding disk of the sharpening machine. If the sandpaper is not smooth, you need to use glue Supplement reinforcement. The upper and lower blades of the pruning shears are respectively stuck in the slots of the shearing machine. After the position is adjusted, the shearing machine is turned on, and it can be polished for 1 to 5 minutes according to the wear of the blades.
2. Manual grinding method: first, remove the upper and lower blades of the electric wool shears; secondly, the abrasive tool can use any of the following a and b: a. Paste the sandpaper flatly on the stone plate or glass. There are blisters, curling and other unevenness, otherwise the blade may be scrapped. b. Coat the emery and a small amount of water evenly on the stone or glass plate. Then press the upper blade or the lower blade with one hand, and grind along the "8" path on the stone plate. Do not straighten back and forth, left and right, and the blade will be scrapped. Note that the lower blade is polished about 150 times, and the upper blade is polished about 100 times. Finally, pay attention to the acceptance criteria, the blade surface is bright and smooth, the blade is straight, and the upper and lower blades can be in close contact.