What are the precautions when using garden tools?


Improper use of garden tools will lead to a decline in […]

Improper use of garden tools will lead to a decline in the quality of garden tools. Garden tool manufacturers should pay attention to the use of garden tools.
If the garden tools are not used for a long time, they must be stored in a dry environment. It is best to put on protective plastic, hang it and pay attention to moisture and rust. When the sawtooth changes, it should be polished in time and repaired according to the trend of the sawtooth. When using the saw, keep the correct posture, do not bend the sawtooth, make sure it is fixed, and the profile is positioned in accordance with the direction of the knife to avoid abnormal cutting, do not apply side pressure or curved cutting, and the feed should be stable to avoid the blade from impacting the workpiece. , Which causes the broken blade to fly out.
When using the product to remove dirt and debris, you need to dry it and put it in a dry and ventilated place, so as to avoid rust, especially for the edge part, you should pay attention to protection, when storing, you need to remove it It is best to wrap it with wax paper for oil immersion to avoid oblique overlap and prevent bending and deformation under pressure. Special tools should be provided for the sharpening of the edge part to ensure the sharpening angle and prolong the service life. If cutting aluminum alloys or other metals, use professional saw teeth, and sprinkle with cold water or lubricating fluid to avoid overheating affecting the cutting quality. Do not use garden tools continuously.
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