How do garden tools remove rust stains?


1. Manual rust removal Manual rust removal is the most […]

1. Manual rust removal
Manual rust removal is the most primitive rust removal method. Use abrasive cloth, sandpaper, scraper, wire brush, hammer chisel and other tools to remove rust, scale and impurities by hand knocking, sanding, scraping and sweeping. Thing.
2. Machine City Polishing
Mechanical polishing is to remove the rust layer by the force of mechanical drive with the effect of impact and friction. For example, the emery cloth, sandpaper, abrasive paste, wire brush, etc. are fixed on the roulette. When the roulette rotates, the corroded parts of the metal can be polished and polished to remove the rust.
3. Drum derusting
Drum derusting is to place metal workpieces and cast iron castings without special-shaped angles and external threads in a slowly rotating hexagonal or round drum. Due to the rotation of the drum, the rust is removed by the impact of friction and rolling And oxide scale and other dirt.
4. Flame derusting
Flame rust removal is suitable for rust removal on steel structures with a certain thickness and on the surface of castings. The principle is to use the difference between the thermal expansion coefficients of the metal and the scale. After heating, the scale will crack and fall off and the rust will be dehydrated due to heating. , Making the rust layer crack and loose.
5. Electric spark descaling
EDM rust removal is the use of oxide skin and steel plate different conductivity and thermal expansion rate changes to remove rust. The cleaned metal workpiece is used as one electrode, and the round roller is used as the other electrode. When the round roller contacts the workpiece, a short circuit occurs to separate the oxide scale, and the rust is separated from the surface of the workpiece by mechanical impact.

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