Garden tools talk about hand tools


There are many hand tools for flower shaping and trimmi […]

There are many hand tools for flower shaping and trimming in common garden tools, which are mainly divided into scissors, knives, saws, and so on.
①General pruning shears Normal pruning shears usually cut branches under 3cm. As long as the branches are cut, the branches can be cut. During operation, if you hold the scissors with your right hand, use your left hand to push the thick branch toward the small piece of scissors. Do not twist the scissors left or right, otherwise the scissors will loosen easily and the blade will easily break.
② There are many tall bushes in the garden with long pruning shears. To stand on the ground and cut off the branches at the top of the bushes, you should use long pruning shears. Its scissors are crescent-shaped, and although there are no springs, the handles are long. Therefore, the force of the lever is quite large, and the operation is performed with both hands holding one scissors handle, and the cutting speed is not slow.
③ Tall branches cut tall branches. It is equipped with a telescopic aluminum alloy or other material with a long handle that can be adjusted with the height of the trim. A nylon rope is tied to the tail of the blade, and the trimming effort is accomplished by yanking the nylon rope. A wire spring is also installed between the blade and the cutting cylinder. When the nylon rope is loosened, the blade and the sickle-shaped fixed cutting blade can be automatically separated.
Inexpensive high branch shears are not equipped with telescopic metal long handles, but a wooden long handle is installed according to the height of the trim. At present, many garden units still use this cheap high branch shears. You can use a ladder without a ladder, which is very safe, and some branches cannot be cut with a ladder. It is easy to use a high branch to cut. However, when using high branches to cut short lengths, the position of the cut is often not accurate enough.
④ Large flat shears, also known as hedge trimmers, are used to trim hedge hedges and tree shapes. Its bar blade is very long, and you can cut off a treetop by cutting it, so that you can trim the top and sides of the hedge. The hedge trimmer has a thin blade and can only be used for flat cutting of the young shoots. It cannot prune fully lignified thick branches. If individual thick branches emerge from hedge trimmers, they should be cut off with ordinary pruning shears and then Use a hedge trimmer.
⑤The hand saw is used for the cutting and pruning of some large branches that are relatively thick in diameter and cannot be cut by pruning shears.
⑥ Grafting knives include branch knives and bud-knives. Used for grafting propagation of seedlings and flowers. The branching knife is generally used for grafting some heavy wooded branches, and the budding knife is used for budding of some young shoots.