What are the good choices of pruning shears for garden tools


Garden tools are an indispensable work tool for every g […]

Garden tools are an indispensable work tool for every gardener. As a personal gardening enthusiast, in the courtyard, on the balcony, and indoors, arrange some garden bonsai, which is to beautify the environment and cultivate sentiment.There is a set of its own dedicated, good texture. Full-featured garden tools are also very necessary. How to buy garden tools for individuals, you need to pay attention to the following points:
  Types of garden tools: First of all, choose what tools you need according to your actual situation, which ones can be DIY yourself, and which ones need to be purchased, which can be purchased all at once. The advantage is that package purchase can save time and price There may be a certain amount of preferential space. It should be noted that you should avoid buying a large number of garden tools that you don't use in order to "make up the bill"; you can also buy in batches and what you need to buy. Garden tools are important, but you must also pay attention to their Just tools, flower and bonsai are our purpose, don't put the cart before the horse.
  There are several garden tools that individuals often use, and you can buy them according to circumstances.
  Pruning Shears: The most basic garden tool.It is not recommended that you use ordinary household scissors to replace them, otherwise it is easy to cause permanent damage to the scissors.Pruning shears are specially designed for pruning flower branches and branches. The same applies.Pruning shears have special functions such as high branch shears, thick branch shears, hedge trimmers, etc., which are introduced separately below. Individual flower planting and bonsai design, an ordinary pruning shear can basically meet the needs. You can find our company's pruning and shearing products here, such as the Japanese flowering orchid series, the Taiwan military force series, etc., are good choices.
  Thick pruning shears: also called vigorous shears, hercules shears, etc.Ordinary pruning shears can functionally cut branches below 2cm. If you plant flowers and plants with thick branches above 2cm, you need to use special thick branch shears. Different from ordinary pruning shears, the thick branch scissors have a thicker design, and the handle part is obviously thicker and longer, which generally requires two-handed operation.The company has a variety of thick branches such as the flower orchid series Hercules, Zhonglishi, Little Lishi Scissors, to meet the different needs of everyone, you can easily choose a practical and relatively lightweight thick branch shears. By the way, our company's garden machinery is also very good, with many internationally renowned brands, the quality is very good.