Which environment is suitable for the tree digging shovel of garden tools?


The tree digging shovel in garden tools works in the so […]

The tree digging shovel in garden tools works in the soil containing gravel, tree roots, weeds and their rhizomes. The work resistance is relatively large, and the rigidity and wear resistance of the tree digging shovel are very high. Currently, the commonly used Tree digging shovel can be divided into U-shaped shovel, curved shovel and straight shovel according to the structure and soil type. Straight shovel is divided into V-shaped shovel and curved shovel according to the shape.



Tree digging shovel not only provides great convenience for people to transplant trees (liberating labor), but also greatly improves the survival rate of trees. Of course, it plays an important role in protecting the environment and increasing the coverage of vegetation. It is the implementation of urban greening and the guarantee of urbanization. The market demand for the most beneficial tool for accelerating urban and rural greening construction is huge.