How to choose hotel kitchen equipment?


Matters needing attention when choosing hotel kitchen e […]

Matters needing attention when choosing hotel kitchen equipment



1. Clean and hygienic. All equipment in the hotel kitchen must have the ability to resist pollution or not easily polluted. It is best not to have sanitary corners to prevent pests such as cockroaches, rats and ants from contaminating the food.
2. Flame retardant, not easy to damage. The kitchen is a place where open flames are often used. Many hotel fires are caused by improper fire prevention in the kitchen. Due to the large number of people flowing in the hotel, the danger should be minimized. Any equipment in the kitchen should be non-combustible or flame-retardant. Materials to make.
3. Convenient and handy. The height of the stove and the location of the cabinet will affect the use of the chef, so choose ergonomic stove and kitchen equipment.
4. Be beautiful. The environment of the kitchen will affect the working mood of employees, and even the quality of food, and many hotels now have kitchen tours and so on. Therefore, the choice of kitchen equipment must also pursue shape and color.