When is the best time to prune electric fruit tree shears?


Fruit trees need to be pruned with electric fruit tree […]

Fruit trees need to be pruned with electric fruit tree shears, which is also much more convenient and can greatly reduce the workload, but when is the best time to prune fruit tree shears? Here are some suggestions for you, if you need to know more, you can check it out! Still pretty good!

1. There are two kinds of fruit tree pruning: winter pruning and summer pruning.
2. Summer pruning is from June to August. As long as you feel dense, you can cut off a part of the branch from the branch, and it will be shaped if it can transmit light, but don't cut off the fruiting branches, otherwise you will not be able to eat the fruit.
3. Pruning is for the shaping of fruit trees. Pear trees have three main branches scattered and layered, peach has three main branches happy, and pomegranates have natural round heads.
4. Short pruning is the main method of winter pruning, which is to cut off a part of the branches from the top, 1/3 or 1/2. The purpose is to promote the growth of fruit trees and reduce the results. You can also cut off part of the fruiting branches, because the fruit trees are There is a cause-and-effect relationship, the more fruit you bear, the less fruit you bear.
5. Pruning is mainly to remove leggy branches, drooping branches, back branches, dense branches, diseased branches and weak branches. Pruning can control the amount of fruit and improve the quality of fruit trees.