What should I do if an abnormality occurs when using electric pruning shears?


Many electric tools are used in most gardens, orchards, […]

Many electric tools are used in most gardens, orchards, etc., and electric pruning shears are mainly used to help prune branches and are one of the more frequently used tools, but some users reported that they are using electric pruning shears. An abnormal situation occurred during the pruning. Don't worry, friends, find the cause of the abnormality first, and solve it according to the actual situation. The following is the abnormal situation of the electric pruning shears organized by Zhejiang Wugu Paoshin Industries Co., Ltd. and how to handle it:



1. If you accidentally put an uncut object into the incision, you should release the trigger immediately, so that the power plate will automatically return to the open state.
2. If the cut branches are too hard, the trigger should be released in time, and the power piece will automatically return to the open state.
3. When it is found that the battery cannot be charged normally, first check whether the battery charger is the charger attached to the product, and then pay attention to the charging voltage must be consistent with the voltage on the nameplate.
4. If there is an electrical or mechanical failure, please turn off the switch immediately.
5. If you do not follow the operating instructions, the battery may spray liquid. Please do not touch these liquids. When you accidentally come into contact with these liquids, you must wash them with water immediately. If you accidentally splash into your eyes, In addition to washing with water, visit a nearby clinic to prevent burns from the fluid ejected from the battery.