What should electric pruning shears pay attention to when changing blades?


Garden work is very dependent on tools. Electric prunin […]

Garden work is very dependent on tools. Electric pruning shears can be understood from the literal meaning. It is used to prune branches and can better promote the growth of branches, but electric pruning shears need to replace the blades. At this time, there are four points to note:

1. Be sure to pay attention to safety when replacing the blade, do it carefully, so as not to damage the edge of the blade, pay attention to the correct replacement process;
2. The new blade is very sharp, and the replacement process must be very careful to avoid damage to the fingers. If you need a new blade, you can buy it from the manufacturer of the pruning shears. Do not replace the blades of different models casually, as it will affect the overall performance of the pruning shears.
3. Before trimming the blade, make sure that there is lubricating oil in the oil storage tank of the knife. If the lubrication is not in place, the friction between the upper and lower knives will increase, resulting in damage to the blade surface and increased shear resistance;
4. The power supply of the scissors should be sufficient. When the power is insufficient, the scissors cannot complete the cutting action or effectively cut the branches, and working in a defective state may affect the battery life.