What is the composition of electric pruning shears?


Planting and pruning fruits and seedlings requires the […]

Planting and pruning fruits and seedlings requires the use of various tools. People are constantly improving and researching on tools, and they are more dependent on the use of power tools. Especially fruit tree pruning is a very hard work. , the use of electric pruning shears can reduce a lot of labor, so what is the composition of this high-quality electric pruning shears?


1. Electric scissors
2. Battery
3. Charger
4. The power cord is 1.5 meters long
5. Battery Backpack
6. A set of maintenance and adjustment tools
7. A toolbox and random files
The advantages of electric scissors are as follows:
1. Wear-resistant blade, made of tungsten steel, durable.
2. Low noise, good fatigue resistance, continuous working for 8 hours a day, service life up to 2000 hours (except blade loss)
3. Can be widely used in various fruit tree gardens.
4. Workers who reduce the labor intensity of production (use of scissors) are also a new measure to strengthen labor protection.
5. The production efficiency of electric scissors is 2-3 times that of traditional hand scissors, thereby reducing the number of workers and reducing production costs.
6. Flexible use, free rotation, safe and reliable, easy maintenance, easy to replace the blade.