What is the correct way to use garden tool scissors?


When arranging flowers, it is almost always done with s […]

When arranging flowers, it is almost always done with scissors in garden tools. Therefore, you must have a sharp cut like your own hand. If you are good at using scissors, you can create an unconventional work.
The general method of holding scissors. Some people do not put the index finger in the handle of the scissors. When using scissors, it is easier to use the blade on the inside to cut items. If you can use scissors in the right way, you can achieve twice the result with half the effort.
When cutting thick wood flowers, the scissors should be cut diagonally into the flowers, which is easier to achieve the purpose. Because the fiber of the plant is straight, it is easier to cut in from the side. However, if the branches are too thick to be cut by the method described above, you can cut a few places diagonally, which can be easily achieved. When you can't cut a branch with a knife, you can stand the handle of the scissors on the table and press the handle with the strength of the whole body. Any thick branch can be solved.
When cutting flowers and grass, vertical cutting method can be used, this kind of cutting method can make the flowers easy to fix.

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