How about the use of garden tools?


Garden tools have a very important role in everyone's l […]

Garden tools have a very important role in everyone's life. They help us to beautify the environment. There are many kinds of garden tools. Let me give you two examples.
The role of nail rake in garden tools. Nail rake is a kind of agricultural implement that loosens soil during farming. The nail rake itself is made of iron, and the handles behind are mostly made of trees. When using a nail rake, hold the handle well and turn the soil vigorously.
Nail rake is one of the top ten agricultural tools of Tujia. It is a bit similar to the nine-tooth nail rake of Zhu Bajie. It is generally six teeth, about 300mm long and about 200mm wide. It is added with a handle of about one meter. The handle is generally made of hard and moisture-resistant Yanqinggang. The tooth is made by the blacksmith using wool iron. The nail rake is a very important agricultural tool among the Tujia people. The nail rake is mainly used to pull the field ridge, grab the cow dung and so on.
The function of flower shears in garden tools
1. When using flower scissors to create, let it be natural. As Shen Fu said, carefully examine the branches to see which one is the most expressive and which is the most beautiful, and the rest are cut off.
2. Only one branch that is parallel to the same direction is left, and it should be cut with a flower shear to avoid monotony.
3. From the front, close overlapping branches and cross branches should be cut properly to make them light and changeable, lively but not complicated.
4. The grass flower is cut with a flower-cutting blade tip, which is easy to insert under the joint. The wood should be cut diagonally. When cutting willow and peach branches, the blade should be cut parallel to the branch, leaving no cuts, and plums and papaya are cut perpendicular to the branch to remove the sprigs.
5. The length of the branches depends on the size of the environment and the flowers and composition requirements.
6. In the whole process of interplanting, you should observe carefully, and cut off any extra branches that hinder composition and creative expression.