What garden tool does the multifunctional folding spade belong to?


Multifunctional folding spade belongs to the technical […]

Multifunctional folding spade belongs to the technical field of hand tools. It is formed by connecting the shovel body and the handle through a joint, wherein the shovel body has blades and serrations on both sides, the handle handle body has scales on the upper and lower sides, and the joint is composed of a shovel fork with a fork plate hinged with the handle sleeve There are several positioning grooves and dovetail grooves and cutting edges on the handle, and the matching positioning holes and cutting edges are provided on the handle sleeve. By rotating the handle, the positioning holes and the groove can be locked and locked to change the angle of the handle and the shovel body so that Digging, hooking, shearing, pliers, twisting, data, chopping, hammering, measuring and other functions are all in one, and can be folded for easy carrying.

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