Teach you how to maintain and maintain electric scissors?


Electric scissors is a kind of hand-held power tool. It […]

Electric scissors is a kind of hand-held power tool. It is driven by a motor. It consists of a battery, a blade, a cutter head, an extension rod and other parts. The foreman is driven by a transmission mechanism for pruning operations. Called electric pruning shears. It has been widely used in life, and the electric scissors are also very convenient to use, just pull the trigger and start trimming. However, if daily maintenance is not done well, it will also be damaged or reduce the service life if it is not regularly maintained, so let's take a look at the maintenance methods of electric scissors:



1. Before each charging, let the electric scissors turn on and off, pull the trigger about 50 times, and let them work normally for about 5 minutes.
2. After using the electric pruning shears, be sure to scrub the blade and body with alcohol to remove wood chips and other dirt.
3. When you do not use the electric scissors for a long time, you must pay attention to the maintenance of the battery. It must be charged once a month to avoid the battery life being greatly reduced.
4. When storing, keep the electric pruning shears and batteries in a cool place, the temperature is not higher than 30 degrees Celsius, and avoid sun exposure.
5. Do not put the battery of the electric scissors in the scissors for a long time, because too long time will cause the battery to soften and discharge harmful substances, so it is best to take the battery out and store it separately when not in use.