What gardening tools do you need to grow potted plants?


Transplanting living plants such as flowers and green p […]

Transplanting living plants such as flowers and green plants into flower pots is called potted plants. Unlike ground plants, potted plants are more miniature. Therefore, professional skills and special tools are required to maintain potted plants. When it comes to special tools for potted plant maintenance, do you know what tools are there? I don't know, it doesn't matter, let Zhejiang Wugu Paoshin Industries Co., Ltd. share with you several gardening tools that everyone must have.

1. flower pot
Since it is a potted plant, you must first have a flowerpot, and the flowerpot can not only be used to hold soil, provide a growth environment and nutrition for flowers and green plants, but also can be matched with flowers and green plants to create a more beautiful green plant landscape. .

2. Shovel
The flowerpot is ready, and the next step is to fill the flowerpot with soil, and in order to avoid soil contamination of hands, you need the help of a shovel tool, which is convenient for shoveling soil and prevents accidentally getting soil everywhere.

3. Iron rake
Iron rake is a tool composed of rake teeth and handle. It can not only be used to loosen soil and prevent soil compaction, but also can be used for various purposes such as raking grass. Therefore, iron rakes, like shovels, are essential tools for growing potted plants. Here we recommend our 10-piece gardening kits for bud and green gardening, which not only include shovels and iron rakes of various sizes, but also various tools such as pruning shears and small watering cans, making your maintenance work easier and more convenient.

4. Kettle
There are many kinds of potted plants. Some plants have leaves that can be wet with water, while others cannot. Therefore, when watering potted plants, be sure to choose a good watering pot according to the characteristics of the plants. In this regard, our watering can for bud and green plant gardening is very good, because it is designed with two spraying methods: water mist and water column. For plants whose leaves can get wet, you can choose the water mist watering method, which is very convenient to use.

5. Floor mat
In the process of cultivating potted plants, turning soil, changing pots, mixing soil, etc. are often done, and floor mats, such as our upgraded Oxford cloth floor mats for bud green gardening, can provide a good operation for these tasks. The platform can prevent soil, water stains, etc. from contaminating the floor, and the hidden buttons at the four corners can also make the floor mat into a basin shape to avoid soil splashing and dirty clothes, making work more convenient.

When the light of the morning sun shines on the earth, open the window, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the warm sunshine, and appreciate the beautiful flowers and green plants, which can be described as a beautiful start of the day. So, if you don't have potted flowers and green plants, you might as well go to our buds and green plants to buy related tools and start your potted planting and maintenance life.