What are the home gardening kit tools?


1. Pruning scissors: Pruning scissors can be used for p […]

1. Pruning scissors: Pruning scissors can be used for pruning small branches and flower branches. This kind of special scissors has a dexterous grasp and a wide handle, which is handy to use. In fact, the use of pruning shears is very wide, in addition to pruning flower branches, can also be used for shearing wool.

2. Shovel: Gardening shovels are generally flat, rectangular, semi-circular pointed tips. Unlike traditional agricultural shovels, gardening shovels are relatively small and delicate.

3. Square hoe: remove stubborn tree roots and hay, level the soil, and prepare for the planting of new plants. The curved blade of the square hoe is very convenient for digging trenches and soil, and the slightly curved handle is comfortable to grip, and it is easy to swing on the hand and wrist.

4. Scarifier: The strong tines of the scarifier easily rake through the thick and hard soil, and weeds fall to the ground in the past. The handle is sturdy and durable, making it easy and comfortable to clear and prepare, while the stainless steel tines ensure long-term, frequent use.