What are the commonly used garden tools?


Garden tools are often used in our daily life. Garden t […]

Garden tools are often used in our daily life. Garden tool manufacturers will talk about their common types.
Among them, garden tools refer to non-mechanical garden tools. There are many common garden tools, including cutting tools, spray tools, digging tools, and other auxiliary tools.
Cutting tools mainly include branch shears, ordinary leaf shears, large grass shears, vigorous shears, high branch shears, high branch saws, cutting saws, knives, axes and so on.
Sprinkler tools include water pipe trucks, manual high-pressure spray cans, hand-operated spray cans, hand-held sprayers, portable fixed-point water replenishers, garden sprinkler and drip irrigation equipment, showers, etc.
Excavating tools include shovel, hoe, shovel, rake, etc.
Other tools: hand-push fertilizer applicator, small shovel or screwdriver for picking up weeds, sand rake for lawn sanding, bucket, flower arrangement, water scoop, small cart, bucket cart, etc.