What tools does the garden tool include?


1. Hand tool garden supplies: scissors, shovel, rake, h […]

1. Hand tool garden supplies: scissors, shovel, rake, hand saw, composter, etc.
2. Mechanical garden supplies: lawn mowers, lawn mowers, lawn mowers, brush cutters, etc.
3. Decorative garden supplies: wall decoration flower stands, garden decorations, weather vanes, flower pots and hanging baskets, flower pot mobile racks, etc.
4. Irrigation garden supplies: water pipes, water pipe joints, water pipe racks, spray guns, etc.
5. Garden supplies of materials: fertilizers, seeds, mulching film, etc.
Improper storage of garden tools can cause rust and quality degradation of garden tools. Garden tools should be stored away from acid and alkali items. If they are stained with alkaline products, they should be rinsed off with water in time, and then wiped dry with cotton cloth. Prolonged sunlight will also cause the surface paint of the garden tools to fall off and let the inner layer. If the metal is oxidized and deteriorated, the garden tools should be kept away from the humid environment, which is easy to cause the metal to rust and the plating layer will fall off, so the place should be dry.