The difference between the fruit branch scissors of garden tools and ordinary scissors


Scissors are a very common tool in life. There are also […]

Scissors are a very common tool in life. There are also a variety of fruit branches in garden production. There are many differences between the two. Let's take a look at the difference between the fruit branch scissors and the ordinary scissors. .
The fruit branch shears of the garden tools are suitable for the pruning of the branches and the picking of the fruit in each season. They are not restricted by seasonality, passability and regionality. The main purpose of the fruit branch shears is to cut the branches, so the key component is scissors. The difference between fruit branch scissors and ordinary scissors lies in the following three points:
1. The shape of the blade is not a straight line, but a smooth arc, and the blade has a wedge shape on one side, which enables sliding. Because the cutting is more labor-saving than cutting, the blade can be more convenient to operate.
2. The blade is divided into one moving and one static. The gripping handle is to open and close the moving blade, and the fixed knife and the telescopic rod remain in a straight line.
3. Each of the two blades has a zigzag-shaped clamping member, which can clamp the cut branches while cutting the branches. In this way, the discarded branches do not overlap between the branches, thereby hindering the progress of effective photosynthesis and facilitating the recycling of the discarded paper strips.

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