Lawn winter pruning method


In the cultivation of garden trees, the use of garden t […]

In the cultivation of garden trees, the use of garden tools for pruning is a very important maintenance operation, while in winter it is the pruning period of many garden trees.
    (1) Significance of winter pruning
    Prepare for spring growth in the coming year. In order for trees to grow well in spring, winter conservation must be done. Winter pruning can be achieved by different pruning methods to promote shoot growth, or to compress into short branches and multiple flowers for different purposes.
    Conducive to the prevention and control of pests and diseases. By thinning the branches, the branches and leaves of the canopy can be reduced, and the ventilation and light transmission can be improved to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases in the coming year. In addition, the winter is the best time to spray the stone sulphur mixture. After the winter pruning, the tree branches and leaves can be appropriately reduced, and the agent can be sprayed evenly, which can more effectively prevent the pests and diseases in the coming year.
    (2) Will trimming cause no flowering?
    Most of the flowers and trees are wintering after the formation of flower buds. If winter pruning cuts these flower buds, it will seriously affect the flowering in the coming year. Therefore, how to do not cut off the flower buds is a problem that must be paid attention to during winter pruning. For tree species that do not have flower buds overwintering, different pruning methods will affect the flowering status of the next flowering period.
    (3) Pruning of evergreen trees in winter
    Plants rely on photosynthesis to sustain life activities. Therefore, the evergreen tree should be avoided as much as possible, especially in the long winter, when the evergreen tree is strongly pruned, it will not sprout for a long time and cause dead branches. If it is necessary to make strong pruning of evergreen trees, it should be as close as possible to the spring of the germination period.
    In addition, due to tree species and local climate, the evergreen trees will be frozen in winter due to the reduction of leaves, while the ploughing of deciduous trees does not exist.

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