Rust prevention measures for garden tools


Garden tools are a good helper for garden pruning, so w […]

Garden tools are a good helper for garden pruning, so we must also pay attention to its maintenance. Taiwan Aosen Garden Tools Co., Ltd. will introduce them to you.
 1. Choose a suitable storage place
 Places where metal materials are stored should be clean and dry, both inside and outside the warehouse, away from factory workshops that produce harmful gases and dust, and not mixed with acids, alkalis, salts and gases, powders and other materials. Batch storage; when different types of metal equipment are stored in the same place, there must be a clear separation distance to prevent contact corrosion. General hot-rolled steel can be stored in cargo sheds or mats; all magnesium alloys, small steels, sheets, strips, precision equipment, metal products and non-ferrous metal materials should be stored in warehouses. warehouse
 2. Keep the warehouse dry
 Ensure that the relative humidity of the warehouse is below the critical humidity. Generally, the relative humidity should be controlled at about 70%. Manage the temperature and humidity of the warehouse, keep abreast of weather changes, avoid typhoons and heavy rains, and use ventilation methods to reduce temperature and tide. The desiccant placed in the warehouse can also play a role in reducing moisture. Keeping the warehouse dry is an important condition to ensure that the incoming hardware products prevent or reduce rust.
 3. Proper palletizing, padding and sealing
 Proper palletizing and cymbal pads are also one of the moisture-proof and damage-proof links of hardware products. Palletizing requirements are reasonable, firm, quantitative, tidy, and space-saving. Sealing isolates metal materials from the outside air, reducing the effect of moisture on rust. The metal material to be sealed must not be wet before sealing, and its quality is intact.
 4.Anti-rust by fuel injection method
 In the humid and hot areas of the south, the metal equipment stored in the open air cannot achieve the desired antirust purpose by only using the cover. It can also be sprayed with oil and rust at the same time, but it is not advisable to spray steel bars and cold-drawn steel. Oilers cannot use this method.
 5. Protective layer and packaging to protect equipment
 In order to prevent metal products from rusting, they are usually rust-proofed when they leave the factory, such as chemical protection to form protective films, coating with rust-proof agents or rust-proof packaging. It is necessary to prevent damage to the rust-proof outer layer and packaging during handling, loading, unloading, and storage operations, and not to cause damage, press injury, and deformation under pressure. The damaged package should be repaired or replaced, the damp person should be dried, and the anti-rust oil should be removed or re-oiled.