How to maintain the garden tools metal


Garden tools have been loved and supported by many peop […]

Garden tools have been loved and supported by many people. Do you know how to maintain metal garden tools? The following garden tool manufacturers tell you the answer!
1. Keep clean: Manual gardening tools should be used to sort out the used tools after daily work, remove dirt and debris, dry them, put them in a ventilated place, keep them dry and avoid rust.
2, the protection of the cutting edge: the part of the gardening tool with a cutting edge, should pay special attention to protection, should be fully immersed in storage, preferably wrapped in wax paper, to avoid tilting overlap, to prevent compression and bending deformation, on the cutting edge part The sharpening should have special tools to ensure the sharpening angle and prolong the service life.
3. Keep it safe: When the operation is over, when it is idle for a long time, it should be safely kept, cleaned, dried, and rust-proof on the metal surface. It should be stored in a proper position, preferably stored in different garden tools. On the rack, avoid multi-layer extrusion; place in a dry and ventilated place.
4. Pay attention to rust prevention: the working parts of gardening tools are mostly made of metal materials, and the metal materials are easy to rust. Once rusted, the light will affect the use, but the weight may lose the use value, and it is not easy to remove after rusting. Therefore, special attention should be paid to rust prevention during use.

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