Pruning tips for garden tools


Garden tools can be seen widely in parks and greening. […]

Garden tools can be seen widely in parks and greening. Garden tool manufacturers use pruning techniques for garden tools.
  Garden Tools For long-fiber cork, cutting sapwood cuts prevents it from breaking when it falls down. Cut both sides of the trunk at the same height as the bottom of the groove to a depth of about 1/10 of the trunk diameter. If the trunk is thick, the cutting depth must not be wider than the guide. If the wood has decayed, do not cut the sapwood cut. Saw the felling edge slightly above the bottom of the groove of the inverted tree, and cut it horizontally. Leave a non-saw area approximately 1/10 the trunk diameter between the felling cut and the inverted tree groove to act as a ridge-breaker. Drive the wedges into the cutting in time. Use only wooden, aluminum or plastic wedges. Do not use steel wedges as this could damage the chainsaw chain and cause a rebound. A broken ridge helps to control the backward direction of the tree. Do not saw through the broken ridge, otherwise you cannot control the backward direction, which may cause accidents.
  If the trunk diameter is more than twice the length of the guide plate, or the trunk diameter is particularly large, and the core of the tree is mostly not sawn. In order to prevent the tree core from rupturing and to accurately control the backward direction of the tree, the tree core needs to be sawed. Use a chainsaw to perform a puncture cut in the center of the inverted tree groove, and then swing the guide from the top to the bottom in an arc.

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