Garden tools development prospects


Spring blossoms are the best time to plant trees. Garde […]

Spring blossoms are the best time to plant trees. Garden tools as an indispensable labor production tool, the sales of China Science and Technology Hardware City began to start in all directions, and they all became popular. They sang the sales protagonists at home and abroad. Hedge shears, folding saws, hose squirts, grass shears, as well as shovel, dresser, flower buds and other dazzling garden tools competed in the show, and formed a hot situation of domestic sales and foreign trade.
In recent years, with the improvement of residents' living standards and the awareness of environmental protection, the wrong practices of violating the laws of nature and destroying natural ecological resources are becoming more and more untenable. On the contrary, making full use of natural and human conditions, afforestation and returning farmland Forests and the exploration of urban green space resources are in full swing. The increasing emphasis on environmental protection has greatly promoted the sales of garden tools.
Garden tool manufacturers introduced that many years ago, the sales scope of garden tools in the hardware city was mostly for the farmer, forest farmers, fruit farmers and other agricultural objects, and the product variety was single, not only the pruning shears, the pruning saw and the watering class. Commonly used series, the shape is rough and bulky, even the color is generally only black, gray and two colors, monotonous rigid. However, with the rise of landscaping of government organizations, industrial and mining enterprises, hotel schools, and financial and taxation enterprises, the sales of garden tools have soared. Once upon a time, garden tools that were once neglected have entered thousands of households. A wide variety of flower sets, gardening hoes, gardening hoes, hedge trimmers, snow shovel series, etc., even larger lawn mowers, mowing brush cutters, hedge trimmers, leveling machines, and lawn mowers Pumps, garden sprayers, etc. have quietly entered the homes of ordinary people. The shape is small and simple, not to mention the color, bright green, sky blue, goose yellow and other colorful bright and brisk, at first glance, it is very attractive.
Today's garden tools are no bigger than before, both in terms of enterprise scale and product quality.
It is understood that at present, the best-selling local brands in the hardware city market have also introduced various imported and domestic famous brush cutters, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws, pumps and their accessories, gardening tools, hand saws, scissors, etc. . According to the dealer, because the prices of raw materials such as steel and plastics soared after the Spring Festival, the price of garden tools on the hardware market also showed an upward trend.

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