How to distinguish aluminum pot and aluminum alloy pot?


1. Aluminum pots are relatively light and soft, have go […]

1. Aluminum pots are relatively light and soft, have good heat conduction but are easy to deform. At the same time, long-term use of poor-quality aluminum pots can easily lead to aluminum poisoning, which will damage the weak links and nerves of the body. At present, ordinary aluminum pots have been gradually eliminated.
2. The aluminum alloy pot not only retains the good thermal conductivity and lightness of aluminum, but also avoids the possibility of aluminum poisoning. However, when using such pots, attention should be paid to reducing the protective film on the surface of the pot when cooking. destroy.
3. Aluminum alloy has good heat transfer performance, stronger than aluminum pots, and better heat conduction. At the same time, scrubbing with steel balls will shorten the life of the protective film. It is recommended to replace the pot if you can use a better and safer pot.




The aluminum pots will turn black during use:

Normal water looks clean on the surface. In fact, it has dissolved a lot of things, the most common are calcium salt, magnesium salt, and iron salt second. Water from different sources contains more or less iron salts, and these iron salts are the "culprits" that make aluminum pots black.
Because aluminum is more active than iron, the aluminum pots encounters water containing iron salt, and the aluminum replaces the iron. The replaced iron attaches to the aluminum pots, and the aluminum pots turns black.
However, for this chemical "trick" to become successful, there must be three conditions:
1. The water contains more iron salts.
2. The boiling time is longer.
3. The aluminum pots must be new, because there is a thin layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the old aluminum pots. This layer of aluminum oxide prevents the aluminum inside from showing up. Of course, the "juggling" cannot be changed.
Since the black substance is iron, it is not necessary to remove the black. If you want the aluminum pot to regain its brightness, you can use vinegar to remove the black color; cooking acidic foods such as tomatoes a few times can also dissolve the iron.
You can also put the fresh apple peel into the disaster, add an appropriate amount of water, boil for 1 quarter of an hour, and then rinse with water, the aluminum pots will become as bright as new.