Garden tools: how to maintain the lawn?


You can see green lawns in city squares, streets, court […]

You can see green lawns in city squares, streets, courtyards, garden attractions, sports fields and other venues. The lawn is not only beautiful, but also plays a green role in regulating the climate, purifying the air, reducing noise, adsorbing dust, and preventing wind and sand. But how is the lawn maintained? Next, Zhejiang Wugu Paoshin Industries Co., Ltd will introduce you the tips of lawn maintenance in detail.




First of all, handle well the time garden fence and sequence relationship of watering, mowing and spraying to avoid breeding of pests and diseases. Grass-cutting garden hangers are generally carried out once a week. After cutting the grass, it is easy to be infected by germs. If you water it immediately, it will create a better breeding environment for germs. So water enough water before cutting the grass, spray the medicine immediately after cutting the grass, and then water again after 1 to 2 days without water.

Secondly, when cutting the grass, it should be even, flat, straight, and clean, that is, the cut should be even, the height should be the same, the lines should be straight, and there should be no leftovers of grass. It is also necessary to closely monitor the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, and a variety of fungicides can be used in a mixed rotation to improve the efficacy.

Whether it is a bluegrass lawn or a simulated lawn, their maintenance is very important. Finally, remind everyone that in order to extend the green period of the lawn and return to green early in the coming year, you can appropriately increase the intensity of autumn fertilizer. Minimize the use of pure nitrogen fertilizers and organic fertilizers that have not been decomposed.