Why can't the induction cooker use aluminum pots?


The reason why the induction cooker can not use aluminu […]

The reason why the induction cooker can not use aluminum pots is:




Because the magnetic field cannot drive the electrons in aluminum to move.
The induction cooker heats food by a coil in the stove. When a changing current passes through this coil, it will generate a changing magnetic field. Put the iron pot on the induction cooker, the magnetic field can drive the electrons in the iron to move regularly, so as to achieve the purpose of heating.

Precautions for the use of induction cooker
1. The pot should not be too heavy
Induction cookers are different from stoves constructed of materials such as bricks or iron, and their carrying weight is limited. Generally, the cooking utensils should not exceed 5 kg with food, and the bottom of the pots should not be too small to make the surface of the induction cooker under pressure. The force should not be too heavy or too concentrated.
2. Clean
During the cleaning process, the induction cooker cannot be washed in water or directly rinsed with water, let alone clean the surface or body of the furnace with solvents, gasoline, and hard tools such as metal brushes or emery cloths to wipe the oil stains on the surface of the furnace. Dirt, it is best to wipe the stove surface with a wrung cloth.
3. Check the power supply
After cleaning, check the power supply of the induction cooker. The key point of the inspection is to see if the wires are damaged or have been bitten by rats or pets.