Gardening tools for home gardening and maintenance!


Gardening tools for home gardening and maintenance! &nb […]

Gardening tools for home gardening and maintenance!


Vibrant, vibrant plants can add a lot of beautiful color to home life. However, the plants that were just bought died soon after, and there are probably many people who have experienced this. Indeed, for beginners in gardening, due to the lack of basic cultivation skills and maintenance methods, they often can only "see the flowers and sigh." The gardening toolbox can be simplified as much as possible, and having the following basic tools is enough to make home gardening maintenance work easier and safer.


1. Watering can: The "lotus-type watering can" can evenly sprinkle water on the leaves of the plants, clean the dust on the leaves along the way, restore the bright colors of the leaves, and enhance its ability to digest and absorb. However, for those plants with hairy leaves and in the flowering stage, it is necessary to use a "spike-type kettle" to direct the water to the potting soil to prevent the leaves from stagnant water and festering and flower buds falling off.


2. Sprayer: The leaves of plants that have been in the state of indoor air conditioning for a long time are easy to dry. In addition, like plants that prefer a humid environment, they also need to use a sprayer to create a small mist on the leaves in time to maintain the moisture required for growth.


3. Shovel and rake: It is often necessary to use a shovel or rake to help loosen the soil and change pots. If you are planting pocket-sized potted plants, you only need to prepare a small shovel, a small rake, and a small awl; for medium and large potted plants, a large and powerful shovel is more convenient.


4. Work gloves: When carrying potted plants, fertilizing, pruning branches and leaves, it is best to wear work gloves to protect your hands to avoid being contaminated by fertilizers or stabbed by stem thorns.


5. Branch shears: pruning hard plant stems and leaves, it is more appropriate to take professional branch shears. It is sharper, avoids improper pulling of the plant, and makes the cut of the plant flat and beautiful.


6. Binding rope: To control the growth direction of the stems and branches of creeping plants, in addition to erecting pillars or guiding them through iron windows; it is more reliable to fix the stems with soft iron wires at intervals. The green soft iron wire is similar to the color of plant stems and leaves, which can avoid visual abruptness.


In fact, it is not difficult to do a good job in the daily maintenance of home gardening. As long as you can fully grasp the know-how, a beautiful home garden is yours.