Did you know that aluminum pans can be used on induction cookers?


In our daily life, many people will install an inductio […]

In our daily life, many people will install an induction cooker after home improvement, so can the induction cooker use an aluminum pan? In fact, there are many pots that can be used on the induction cooker. As for whether the aluminum pot can be used on the induction cooker, let’s learn about it with Zhejiang Wugu Paoshin Industries Co., Ltd., and I hope it can help you.


First, can the aluminum pot be used on the induction cooker?
The aluminum pot cannot be used on the induction cooker; because the induction cooker mainly relies on the principle of electronic induction operation, and the aluminum pot cannot be heated without an open flame, so it cannot be used on the induction cooker; if it must be used If the aluminum pan is used, a layer of iron can be placed at the bottom.


Second, which kind of pot is better to use on the induction cooker
1. The pots on the induction cooker should use iron pots, stainless steel pots and composite bottom pots for induction cookers. These pots are perfect for induction cookers. The rest of the pots are on the induction cooker and cannot be used well.
2. Iron pots are generally heavier, but they are used on induction cookers, which can quickly heat the pots and cookware. It is very fast and convenient when cooking, but it has a disadvantage. The vegetables may be burnt.
3. It is the most sensible to choose a stainless steel pot, because stainless steel pot is a kind of non-stick pot. Don't worry about the heat being too high to make the dishes stick to the bottom of the pot, and it will be very troublesome to clean in the end.
4. There is a thread shape in the magnetic disk under the special pot for the induction cooker. This is specially used for the induction cooker. When we choose this kind of pot, we try to choose a better quality, otherwise it will affect the heat transfer of the induction cooker. Effect.


Third, the reason why the induction cooker is sticking to the pan
It is very easy to stick to the induction cooker when cooking. In fact, it is because our heat and cooking methods are not well controlled. The most important thing is that the pot is not selected correctly.