Daily maintenance methods after garden tools are used


Garden tools are the maintenance equipment for human gr […]

Garden tools are the maintenance equipment for human green landscapes, which are used to protect lawns, hedges, flowers and trees. In the beautification of the urban environment has played a role that can not be ignored, today to introduce some of the daily maintenance methods of garden tools after use:
  The daily maintenance and maintenance of garden tools can not only improve the efficiency of garden tools but also extend its service life.
  We all know that chemical agents with acid and alkali are corrosive to iron. Garden tools should be kept away from acid and alkali. If you accidentally get acidic or alkaline products, you should wash the stains with water in time, and then use cotton cloth. Drying, long-term sun exposure will also cause the surface of the garden tool to change or peel off, so that the metal in the inner layer is oxidized and deteriorated, so it can not be placed in the sun for a long time.
  Garden tools can easily corrode metals and peel off the coating in a humid environment, so the placement should be dry. If you want to clean the garden tools, remember not to wash them with boiling water or running water. Just wipe them off with a damp cloth. can. If it is improperly stored, don't rust it with sandpaper. If it is small, you can wipe it off with cotton cloth and oil.

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