What is the blowdown method of the cooler?


Cooler blowdown method: 1. Differential pressure sewage […]

Cooler blowdown method:
1. Differential pressure sewage: when impurities accumulate to a certain amount, the differential pressure signal between the inlet and outlet pipes of cooling water is used to backwash the sewage, that is, the electric contact pressure gauge is connected to the control signal, the control mechanism opens the electric sewage valve, and the electric reducer will Run at a speed of 3-6 revolutions per minute, discharge it into the cooling water outlet pipe through the sewage pipeline and sewage valve, and clean it for about 5-10 minutes once. When large sundries appear and the filter screen cannot run in place, the electric device should run in the opposite direction to wash away the sundries.


2. The user can set the sewage discharge time if necessary, and set the cleaning and sewage discharge time within 0-99 hours. Generally, it is set to discharge once every 12 hours. The time setting can be adjusted according to the water quality of the power plant. That is, set the time to start the electric reducer to reverse to open the sewage valve, and then reverse and backwash the sewage in turn. Until the recoil of all the chambers is completed, the electric device stops working, the electric recoil valve and the electric blowdown valve are closed, and the blowdown work is all over.


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