How is the cooler installed?


The installation methods of coolers are divided into ve […]

The installation methods of coolers are divided into vertical oil coolers and horizontal oil coolers. Vertical coolers have the characteristics of small installation area and convenient installation. The horizontal oil cooler has the characteristics of small pressure drop and strong water impact resistance. Therefore, according to the requirements of different sites, space heights, and performance, the correct selection of vertical or horizontal oil coolers can better meet the requirements of the generator set. and other equipment needs.

(1) The cooler can only be put into use after passing the pressure test, and the internal water storage in the front row should be exhausted.
(2) Check whether the pouring and venting valves are flexible and easy to use and the switch positions, and whether the pressure gauges and thermometers are all installed.
(3) Check whether the foundation and support are firm, and whether the bolts of each part are fully buckled and fastened.
(4) When put into use, first put in cold flow, and then put in hot flow.
(5) When using cold medium or hot medium, first ensure that the auxiliary line is unblocked, and then slowly open the outlet valve. After checking that there is no problem, open the inlet valve. It must be opened slowly to prevent pressure. During the commissioning process, pay attention to observe the changes of the equipment. After the cooler is put into use, with the change of temperature and pressure, leakage may occur, and it should be checked in time.


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