What are the precautions before using garden tools?


Gardening tools are widely used in households, landscap […]

Gardening tools are widely used in households, landscaping, etc. In order to ensure the normal use of garden tools, we must check them before using garden tools and precautions before using garden tools.
In fact, before operating our products, we must pay attention to safety first. It is best to wipe all the metal parts with oil cloth, and then spray a little anti-rust lubricant. Or use a small bucket, put sand into the oil, after each use, you can insert a few times in the sand. First of all, we can carefully check the various parts to ensure the smooth progress of the weeding. Check whether there is enough fuel in the mail tank, check the air filter, and not make any dirt in the air filter; the most important thing is to check whether the blade installation nut is loose, and whether the blade has cracks, nicks, bends and wear. Once a problem is found, it needs to be replaced immediately.