What types of hotel western kitchen meals are available?


Whether it is a knife, a fork, a spoon or a plate in We […]

Whether it is a knife, a fork, a spoon or a plate in Western tableware, it is an extension of the hand. For example, a plate is the expansion and extension of all the palms; and the fork represents the fingers of all hands. As civilization progresses, these many figurative tableware are gradually merged and simplified. For example, in our country, only chopsticks and spoons are left in the end. Sometimes there are small dishes. In the West, up to now, there is still a table full of tableware when eating, such as large plates, small plates, shallow dishes, deep dishes, forks for salads, forks for meat, spoons for soup, Spoons for dessert, etc. Explain that in terms of food culture, the West not only started late, but also developed very slowly.
The hotel’s western food supplies have a lot of response to people who know it. The brothers who open western restaurants know that western kitchens are very colorful. For example, western kitchens have a wide variety of knives. How do they classify and safely handle western kitchens? ?
Classification and safe handling of hotel kitchen supplies.
Most of the western kitchen hotels use stainless steel, these things are easy to hurt people, and there are too many things used, it is troublesome to find without a good classification, such as a series of knives such as anchovy bone scissors, bone knives, etc. , It must be used every day, if you do not do a good job of classification and safety inspection after cleaning, it must not work. Western restaurants should prepare supplies for the classification of knives before opening.
In western kitchens, some medium-sized supplies, such as potato peelers, bone saws, vegetable cutters, etc. These machines are not good if there is no good safety management, and they must often be used to safety awareness to employees. Do some safety training to let them know that there is safety protection in a simple way.
There are many things in the hotel’s western kitchen supplies, which will not be introduced one by one. However, if anything in the hotel is not handled safely, it may cause damage to the guests or their own employees. Do it safely to avoid unnecessary damage.