What are the shapes of garden tools scissors?


1. Garden tools include: garden scissors, flower tools […]

1. Garden tools include: garden scissors, flower tools (garden flower tools, small flower tools). The main products of garden shears are high branch shears, hedge shears (hedge shears), pruning shears (pruning shears, pruning shears), multi-purpose shears, fruit picking shears, flower shears, grass shears, etc.;
2. Most of the design of garden scissors is arc and semi-ellipse. There are two main advantages:
(1) Reduce the frictional resistance between the scissors and the trees and flowering shrubs. For plants with higher branch and stem density, pruning to each part of the branches, such as parallel branches, cross branches, and large branches, is better and more accurate. Part of the trimming tool is designed as arc and semi-ellipse;
(2) Some professional pruning experts have been engaged in maintenance work for many years, and they have a high understanding of pruning shears. If they are pruning for a long time, it is easy to "misread" the scissors and some trees and shrubs, in order to prevent "wrong pruning" caused by long-term pruning "The experts agreed that the pruning shears should be designed in a circular arc shape, but not including hedge shears.