Talking about the tools used in the garden tools for grafting


Garden tools should consider the coordination and harmo […]

Garden tools should consider the coordination and harmony with the surrounding environment according to the surrounding environment, such as harmony with the height and style of the building, and the overall composition of the grass and flower beds, and the contrast between flowers and trees and the tree pose.
Proper preparation is required before grafting, so that the subsequent grafting operation can be carried out smoothly.
   What you need to prepare is all the tools you need to use throughout the grafting process. In the grafting, garden tools such as grafting knives and pruning shears are mainly used.
The Auson brand originated in Taiwan and began in 1981. It is an international brand with a reputation of 30 years. It is the main garden tool! In 2012, the Aussen brand crossed the Straits and entered the mainland to create quality garden tools. With 30 years of history, Aussen will provide market-oriented garden tools for customers around the world, including garden shears, fruit branch shears, thick branch shears, vigorous shears, forks, saws and other products. Dedicated to each customer to provide quality products, the most complete after-sales service!

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