Sheep Shears - How to Shear a Sheep?


SHEEP SHEARS Shearing a sheep is an essential part of k […]

Shearing a sheep is an essential part of keeping your flock healthy and happy. Aside from the obvious health benefits, shearing also enables you to prepare for the coming lambing season by giving your ewes more food. Shearing your sheep about a month before the start of lambing will give them time to get used to the experience and to produce more body heat to keep them warm.


Before shearing, it is important to remove any metal ear tags and collars, which can turn into shrapnel if you hit them with the shears. Thorny plants can also be a danger, so be sure to clear these away before shearing begins.


When you are ready to shear, position the sheep by her tail and make long, confident blows from her top down to her open flank area. This is the best way to shear a sheep and to avoid making nicks or cuts that can lead to injury.


Use the shears to remove any hanging neck wrinkles and blobs of fat that may be obscuring the wool. Be careful around hamstrings and other areas that can irritate the sheep.


If you’re a novice shearer, try starting with a lower-powered shear before using the highest speed setting. This will help you practice and become familiar with the shears, while also allowing you to control your shearing more efficiently.


If you want to make grooming your flock easier, then you need to invest in shears that will help you do the job quickly and efficiently. Luckily, the Pet & Livestock HQ Store has several great shears that can help you cut your work in half while making sure your animals are well taken care of.