Maintenance of metal garden tools


Garden tools, as we know, refer to tools used in garden […]

Garden tools, as we know, refer to tools used in gardens and other aspects. Metal garden tools are prone to rust. What should we do to avoid rust?
1. Keep it clean
Handmade garden tools should be tidyed up after daily work, remove dirt and debris, wipe them dry, put them in a ventilated place, keep them dry, and avoid rust.
2. Keep it properly
At the end of the operation, when it is left unused for a long time, the pan should be kept properly, cleaned, wiped dry, coated with anti-rust oil on the metal surface, and placed in an appropriate place. It is best to store it in storage racks designed for different garden tool surfaces to avoid excessive amounts. Layer extrusion; put in a ventilated and dry place.
3. Protect the cutting edge
Special care should be taken to protect the parts with cutting edges in garden tools. They should be soaked in oil during storage. It is best to wrap them with wax paper to avoid tilting and overlapping, to prevent bending and deformation under pressure, and there should be special sharpening of the cutting edges. Tools to ensure the sharpening angle and prolong the service life.
4. Pay attention to rust prevention
The working parts of garden tools are mostly made of metal materials, and metal materials are easy to rust. Once rusted, it will affect the use at a slight level, and may lose the value of use, and it is not easy to remove after rust, so special attention should be paid during use. Anti-rust treatment.
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