Isothermal Container - a Temperature Maintainer!


A container that ensures a constant temperature is call […]

A container that ensures a constant temperature is called an isothermal container. It can be used to transport products that are sensitive to changes in temperature.


Isothermal containers are available in various sizes and capacities. They are easy to store, wash and disinfect. They are also lightweight and sturdy, and can be handled safely.
Keeping food at the right temperature is essential to maintaining its quality and freshness. Failing to do so can lead to poor taste and health risks.
For this reason, keeping dishes at the proper temperature is a vital part of any catering operation. Isothermal containers help in maintaining the desired temperature of dishes for longer periods of time.


These containers are a great choice for restaurants, hotels and cafes that need to keep their food fresh for longer periods of time. They are lightweight, insulated and leak-proof.


The containers are designed for optimal storage of products from point A to point B (without opening the door) and up to 80 km. They are made of expanded polypropylene and can be sanitized and disinfected frequently.


Isothermal containers for thermally perishable goods characterized in that they are provided with inside partitions capable of forming isolated compartment in which dry ice or other suitable coolant can be placed to increase the length of preservation of the transported products. These compartments can be positioned in different ways and located inside the container so that the amount of dry ice or coolant placed in them can be varied.