How to choose the right pot?


1. The aluminum pot has better thermal conductivity, an […]

1. The aluminum pot has better thermal conductivity, and its weight is the lightest under the same volume. However, buying an aluminum pan is not recommended as it is extremely sticky and unhealthy. After all, our daily ingredients need to be added with salt and acid, which can easily corrode the aluminum pot and cause the production of some substances that are harmful to the body. Under normal circumstances, aluminum pots are generally used for boiling water. There are relatively few aluminum pans available on the market today.


2. Iron pans are more suitable for families who often cook vegetables, especially for some Chinese stir-fried dishes. Using an iron pan is the most suitable, pay attention to buy a round bottom. But now iron pots are generally used by chefs in restaurants, because raw iron pots are more difficult to maintain. Do not touch the cleaning agent, brush it with oil after use. Iron pots are more troublesome to maintain, and secondly, they are very heavy, so many ordinary families do not choose to use iron pots.


3. Stainless steel pots are more suitable for some stewed or low-temperature frying dishes. Simply put, it is more suitable for Western food. Because the stainless steel material is heated at high temperature (especially if the pot is pasted), it is easy to produce an oxide layer on the surface, and the seemingly clean pot body will turn yellow or even black, and it is difficult to clean. In addition, stainless steel is not suitable for stir-frying with an iron vegetable spatula, and it will be scratched. Once the surface oxide layer is scratched, the oxidation will be accelerated. In addition, stainless steel pots generally have a flat bottom, which is suitable for use on induction cookers. Therefore, the stainless steel pot in my house is only used for stewing vegetables and porridge. Minimize high heat cooking.