Garden tools add color to the city.


Garden tools are mainly some tools needed for landscapi […]

Garden tools are mainly some tools needed for landscaping in the city. Landscaping is very important to the construction of the city. Only when the greening work is done well can the development of the city be meaningful!
All the above-ground buildings, hard square floors, vehicles, street facilities, pedestrian clothing, etc. in the city are all artificial products, which are all artificial colors. In the composition of urban artificial colors, according to the nature of the object, it can be divided into fixed color and flowing color, permanent color and temporary color. Various permanent public and civil buildings, bridges, street squares, and urban sculptures in the city constitute a fixed permanent color; while vehicles and other vehicles and pedestrian clothing in the city constitute a flowing color; urban advertisements, signboards, street signs, etc. Newsstands, street lights, neon lights, shop windows, window sills, etc. constitute temporary colors. This is only a conceptual analysis of urban color. The real urban color is a complex system, which is related to the principle of light, the expression mechanism of materials, environmental colors, and the location of buildings. The complete urban color planning and design should analyze and plan all urban color components in a unified manner, and determine the main color system and the auxiliary color system. Then determine the reference colors of various buildings and other objects, as well as the mobile colors of city advertisements and various public vehicles, including temporary colors of street decorations and window sills.
With the development of urban construction in China in recent years, urban greening has formed a large industry, and daily maintenance depends on these garden tools to complete the city, making life better!