Garden tool usage


Garden tools play a very important role in everyone's l […]

Garden tools play a very important role in everyone's lives. They help us beautify the environment and there are many types. Here are two examples for you.
The role of rake in garden tools. A rake is a kind of agricultural tool used to loosen the soil during farming. The rake itself is made of iron, and the handles behind are mostly made of trees. When using the rake, hold the handle and turn the soil vigorously.
The nail rake is one of the top ten farm tools of the Tujia family. It is similar to the nine-tooth nail rake of Zhubajie. It is generally six-toothed, about 300mm in length and 200mm in width, plus a handle of about one meter. The handle is generally made of hard and moisture-resistant rock green The teeth are made by blacksmiths using woolen iron. The rakes are very important agricultural tools among the Tujia people. The rakes are mainly used to pull the ridges and catch cow dung.
The role of flower scissors in garden tools
1. When using flower scissors to create, let it be natural. As Shen Fu said, carefully examine the branches, observe which branch is expressive and which is the most beautiful, and cut off the rest.
2. Only one branch is left parallel to the same direction, which should be cut off with flower scissors to avoid monotony.
3. From the front, the overlapping branches and cross branches at close range should be properly cut to make them light and varied, lively and not complicated.
4. For grass and flowers, use flower scissors to cut the blade, which is easy to insert under the knot. The wood should be cut diagonally. When cutting willow and peach branches, the blade should be cut parallel to the branches without leaving cuts. Plum and papaya should be cut perpendicular to the branches.
5. The length of the branches depends on the environment, the size of the flower and the composition needs.
6. In the whole process of inserting, carefully observe, and cut off any extra branches that hinder the composition and creative expression.