Do you know the precautions for using aluminum pots?


We use all kinds of pots for cooking in our daily life, […]

We use all kinds of pots for cooking in our daily life, including aluminum pots, iron pots and stainless steel pots. No matter what kind of pot you use, you should pay attention to some details when using it. If you don't pay attention, it will affect your health. Below, Zhejiang Wugu Paoshin Industries Co., Ltd. will share with you the precautions for using aluminum pots.


The first is to pay attention not to forget to add water when using an aluminum pot to cook. If you add water, add enough water. Never ignite an empty pot, or add less water to cause a dry pot. Due to the low melting point of aluminum, the bottom of the pot may be burned and leaked if the empty pot is ignited or the pot is less dry.
When using an aluminum pot for cooking or making soup, be sure to put the rice and soup into a bowl in time after cooking and blanching, and do not store it in the aluminum pot for a long time, because aluminum and acidity After contact with the substances, chemical reactions will occur, and substances that are harmful to the human body will be formed. People will be harmful to health if they eat them. All rice cooked in an aluminum pot should be put out in time, and should not be stored in the pot for a long time.


The material of the aluminum pot is relatively soft. When using the aluminum pot to cook, be careful to handle it with care, and do not hit the pot with hard objects, otherwise the pot will be damaged. Especially after the rice is cooked, the pot is still at a high temperature. At this time, the aluminum pot will be relatively soft. At this time, do not hit hard objects, and do not put the aluminum pot in cold water to cool it. It should be placed slowly. Cool slowly in a safe place. If the aluminum pan is rapidly cooled at a high temperature, the pan will wrinkle and deform.


When cleaning the aluminum pot, be careful not to use acid-alkaline cleaning agents to clean it. As mentioned above, the aluminum pot will undergo chemical reactions when it encounters acid-alkaline substances, generating substances that are harmful to the body. Use some weakly alkaline substances. cleaning agent, rinse with clean water after cleaning. At the same time, do not use steel balls to brush the aluminum pot. Because the material of the aluminum pot is soft, it will be scratched by the steel ball, which will damage the aluminum pot for a long time. You should use a sponge or scouring pad to brush the aluminum pot so as not to scratch the aluminum pot. 


Attention should also be paid to the storage of the aluminum pot, because the surface of the aluminum pot is oxidized due to contact with the air after a period of use, and there will be a film after oxidation. Although this film will darken the color of the pot, it can To protect the aluminum pot from re-oxidation, do not wipe the protective film on the aluminum pot when storing it. Although it is polished, the aluminum pot will oxidize again, which will reduce the service life for a long time.