Distinguish The Authenticity Of Garden Tools


In recent years, the garden tool industry has developed […]

In recent years, the garden tool industry has developed rapidly, but there are many fake and inferior products in the current market, which are substandard and disrupt the purchase of customers.
At first glance, inferior garden tools are no different from genuine ones, but they are far from comparable in performance and quality. How to distinguish authenticity is something that many customers should make clear. Today we will take you to learn a little method to distinguish the authenticity of garden tools.
1. The most common counterfeit and inferior products are fraudulent use and forged logos of brand garden tools and machinery.
It is found in the main engine and parts with relatively simple structure and easy processing and manufacturing, such as rotary tiller blades, crusher hammers, screens, etc. These products are quite different from each other in terms of appearance, size, paint color and so on. When choosing, you can compare the sample with the genuine product or weigh it for identification.
2. The name, packaging and decoration of brand garden tool machinery:
Such counterfeit products are mostly agricultural machinery parts such as connecting rods of diesel engines, crankshafts, fuel injectors, etc. Therefore, when purchasing, users should not only look at the packaging of garden tools, but also the technical documents of the product and the appearance and color of the product. If necessary, ask for a product identification certificate, or take a sample to do a test.
In terms of price, the price of a counterfeit product is only a fraction of the real product. If the price is too low at the time of purchase, which is very different from the normal price, you need to pay attention to whether it is a counterfeit product. Also pay attention to what the merchants say, what the merchants say does not include taxes and parallel imports, you need to be vigilant.