Classification of common garden tools


As people's requirements for the living environment gra […]

As people's requirements for the living environment gradually increase, the demand for garden tools has increased greatly in both the global market and the Chinese market. Horticultural products are also becoming more convenient and practical, and are favored by consumers.
     Garden tools have been sold to flower fields or exports in previous years. In recent years, with the progress of society and the changes in people's leisure styles, they have also entered the family of ordinary people. Its style and color have also changed the monotony of the past, adding a unique and colorful product. Planting flowers and growing vegetables have become a new way of leisure for some office workers. They can not only exercise, but also improve the environment and harvest harmless vegetables. These labors are actually entertainment for office workers. As entertainment, the tools to buy the hand are inevitable. Therefore, various garden tools in the hardware city market have begun to be popular, and the concept of many consumers has also risen from use to fashion and exquisite. For example, planting trees, planting flowers, etc., and many people like to do it themselves, not only to maintain the living environment, but also to exercise.
    Garden tools refer to non-mechanical garden tools. Common garden tools include: branch shears, trimming scissors, high branch shears, pruning shears, hedge trimmers, fruit picking, cut flowers, cut grass shears, etc.; Long and short trim saws, high branch saws, chain saws, etc.; other, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, knives, herringbone ladders, gloves, traction ropes, fighting vehicles, warning signs and safety belts, safety ropes, safety helmets, overalls, rubber shoes Wait.
    Garden tools include gardening tools and garden tools, depending on the type of use.
    According to the classification of the objects used, it can also be divided into household tools and professional tools.
    According to different power, it is divided into engine and electric, engine uses 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine; electric class is subdivided into AC and DC.
    Gardening tools: garden scissors, flower tools (garden flowers, small sets of flowers). The main products of garden scissors include high branch shears, hedge shears (fence shears), pruning shears (pruning shears, pruning shears), multi-purpose shears, fruit picking shears, cut flower cuts, cut grass shears, etc.; Flower set, small set of flowers) including flower buds, flower shovel, flower buds, flower buds, flower forks, etc., specifically two buds (two flower buds), flat buds,  three-toothed flower buds, three-toothed flower buds,  large flower shovel, small flower shovel, three-character shovel, one-hand flower fork, six-toothed flower buds, etc.
    Garden implements mainly include: lawn trimmers, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws, pumps, punchers, drafting machines, fight drugs and various garden tools.

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