Buying a Hand Pruner!


When pruning plants and shrubs, a good hand pruner make […]

When pruning plants and shrubs, a good hand pruner makes the job easier on your hands and helps your garden look its best. These tools can be used to trim up landscaping, prune a plant to make it healthier or cut flowers off a plant to use for decorations.


Pruners can be found in many different styles and sizes to fit the needs of every gardener. Some come with straight handles that allow for a wide range of cuts, while others have ergonomic handles that help you maximize your hand strength while cutting.


The best pruners are designed for a smooth, clean cut on soft tissues like branches and stems. They're perfect for cutting back stems and greenery up to 1" thick, or to remove dead wood from fruit and nut trees.


Blades are often made of stainless steel or chrome plated to resist corrosion and sap. Stainless steel blades dull quickly, so it's important to sharpen them regularly.


Carbon-steel blades are more durable than stainless steel, but they can rust unless coated. They also can be hard to sharpen and can break or bend on tough branches.


Locking mechanisms are key for reducing hand fatigue and keeping the blades out of reach. Some of the best pruners have a spring between the two handles that pushes them apart when you relax your grip, reducing the effort and strain on your hands.


A quality hand pruner is a necessary tool in any gardener's arsenal. It's crucial to have the right size and handle for your hand, as well as a holster to keep your pruners in when not in use.